Best of Logos

A complete collection of my logos, specifically those I am most proud of.

Internship logo project
Internship logo project

Internship Logo Project - Wedding. Chosen concept
Internship logo project - Scandinavian furniture store
Internship logo project - News paper logo. Chosen concept
Alternate concept for one above.
Internship logo project - Marketing company
Internship logo project - Parenting magazine
Client Project - Video and Animation production logo. Chosen Concept
Client Project - Loose leaf tea logo. 
Internship logo project - Steel Gate Manufacturer / Retail store
Internship logo project - International Swimcup
Internship logo project - Internation Swim Cup logo - Chosen concept
Internship logo project - Coco Palm Place resort in Florida - Chosen concept
Internship logo project - Total Insurance Partners
Student Project - Pink Flamingo Records logo
Freelance Project - Trios Salons Chosen Concept
Student Project - Uptown Down Jazz Club
Student Project - Biqubic Bicycles 
Student Project - Excellence Academy Private School
Student Project - Fictional Hotel
Student Project - Fictional Candle Company Logo
Client Project - Tux II Nightclub - Chosen Concept
Client Project - Proposed logo for a cruise line that allows pets.
Client Project - Chosen concept for a consulting firm
Freelance - Bonk Custom Boards logo, chosen concept.
See their work here:
Freelance Project: logo for a Logistics/Fulfillment company. This wasn't the chosen concept.
Freelance Project - Rejected proposal, this one was my favourite of the few.
Client Project - Chosen logo concept for a personal trainer
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